Founded in 1997, Ningbo Ekote Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various advanced adhesive tapes. Annual production of various tapes 800,000 M2. The company pays attention to details and process management, and strives for excellence, gradually forming its own series of products. At present, the strong products are: Ningbo tape, Ningbo foam tape, Ningbo VHB tape, Ningbo strong double-sided tape, Ningbo 3M glue, Ning waveguide thermal tape, Ningbo protective film, comprehensive research tape, magnet tape, battery tape, LED tape, Foam tape series, VHB acrylic tape, high strength double-sided tape, film tape, fiberglass tape, protective film tape, high temperature masking tape, security anti-counterfeit tape, copper foil aluminum foil tape, single-sided sponge tape, conductive Thermally conductive flame retardant tape, sealed waterproof tape, wear-resistant lubricating tape, etc. And new product development and die cutting of various adhesive products. The company has several multi-functional large-scale rubber coating equipments, which integrates glue making, coating, automatic rewinding, automatic cutting, automatic slitting, die cutting and automatic packaging. It has a certain scale, automatic cutting and automatic slitting. , die-cutting, automatic packaging in one, with a certain scale of production capacity. It is equipped with relatively complete testing equipment such as initial adhesion, holding viscosity, shear strength and aging test. For each order, the QC project is strictly followed to carry out detailed control and management, and the “5S” management is strictly implemented on the workshop, thus maximizing the product quality. In pursuit of the harmonious development of products, people and the environment as the company's goal.


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